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We're the tech engine for world's top EV charger makers, installers, and network operators, offering exceptional end-to-end EV charging software solutions. Boost your market presence by seamlessly scaling infrastructure and optimizing operational efficiency with Evnity.

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Smart EV Charger Software For Simpler Business Operations

Our best EV charging software caters to every EV need. We offer game-changing solutions like API for OCPP, station data management, and a robust CRM app.

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Dominate the EV market by expanding infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring a top-notch charging experience with Evnity's accelerated EV charging management software for businesses.



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Evnity connects enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to set up EV charging stations, with EV industry experts already in the field.

  • Customized CRM App
  • Enterprise Charger Network App
  • Charging and Billing App
  • White Label Charging Management
  • Charger Network App

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