Efficient Fleet Management Solutions by Evnity

Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions that are designed to help businesses streamline operations.


How Evnity helps


Real-Time Charging Information

Gain real-time insights into your EV fleet's charging status with our integrated solution. Monitor individual vehicles' charging progress, battery levels, and estimated completion times, empowering you to make informed decisions and ensure optimal charging for seamless fleet operations.


Charging Station Availability and Booking

Optimize your fleet's charging experience with Evnity's integrated solution. Enable drivers to access real-time information on charging station availability, reserve charging slots, and receive notifications when stations become available. Streamline charging operations, minimize waiting times, and ensure efficient utilization of charging resources.


Seamless Charging Session Initiation

Seamlessly initiate charging sessions with our integrated solution. Drivers can easily select the desired charging station and start charging with a simple tap or scan in the fleet management app. No more hassle with separate charging apps or access cards. Enhance convenience for drivers and streamline administrative processes.


Charging Session Monitoring and Alerts

The EV charging solution integrated into the fleet management app provides real-time monitoring of ongoing charging sessions. Fleet managers can track the progress of each charging session, monitor energy consumption, and receive alerts or notifications when charging is complete. This feature ensures that managers stay informed and can plan vehicle utilization accordingly.


Integration with Fleet Management Features

Integrate our EV charging solution seamlessly with your fleet management features. Optimize routes, assign vehicles, and track charging status within the app. Leverage charging data for efficient fleet operations and ensure optimal utilization of resources.


Billing and Expense Management

Simplify billing and expense management for charging services. Integrate charging data into the fleet management app's billing system. Accurately track charging expenses, allocate costs, and streamline financial management effortlessly.


Reporting and

Access valuable reporting and analytics through Evnity's integrated EV charging solution. Analyze charging usage, energy consumption, and cost analysis reports. Optimize charging strategies, identify energy-saving opportunities, and evaluate the financial and environmental impact effortlessly.


Fleet Sustainability and Performance Tracking

Effortlessly track fleet sustainability and performance metrics with our integrated EV charging solution. Monitor energy usage, carbon emissions, and progress towards sustainability targets. Promote sustainability initiatives and ensure transparent reporting on fleet sustainability efforts.

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