Power Up Public Charging with Evnity

Streamline Public Charging Operations, Enhance User Experience, and Drive EV Adoption with Evnity's Advanced Solutions.


How Evnity helps


Location of charging stations

Evnity Locator app provides real-time information on the location of public charging stations, helping EV owners easily find the nearest available charging points. This eliminates the hassle of searching for charging stations manually and saves time and effort.


Availability and Compatibility

Evnity Locator app provides real-time updates on charging station status, including real-time occupancy, charging speed, and estimated charging time. Users can check the app before heading to a charging station to ensure its availability and plan their charging session accordingly.



Evnity Locator app allows drivers to reserve charging stations in advance, ensuring they have a guaranteed spot to charge their vehicle when they arrive at a charging location.


Payments & Billing

Evnity Locator app simplifies the payment process by enabling users to pay for charging sessions directly through the app. Users can securely link their payment methods, track their charging expenses, and receive digital invoices.



The Evnity Locator app allows drivers to monitor their charging activity in real-time, providing information on charging speeds, power usage, and other important metrics to ensure the charging process goes smoothly.


Increased Visibility and User Engagement

List your charging stations on an EV charging app to reach a vast user base of electric vehicle owners. Attract more users, maximize utilization, and unlock greater revenue potential.


Real-Time Station Monitoring

Stay informed with an EV charging app that provides live updates on your public charging stations. Monitor occupancy, track charging progress, and address technical issues promptly. Maintain optimal station availability and performance for seamless charging experiences.


Remote Station Management

Take control of your public charging stations remotely with our EV charging app solution. Manage charging sessions, pricing, tariffs, speeds, and monitor energy consumption effortlessly. Streamlined operations, reduced manual intervention, and improved efficiency at your fingertips.


Payment and Revenue Management:

Simplify payment collection and revenue tracking with an EV charging app. Say goodbye to manual cash transactions, as the app handles payment processing, session tracking, and digital invoicing. Streamlined process, improved revenue management, and reduced administrative tasks.


Data Insights and Analytics

EV charging apps provide valuable data insights and analytics for public charger owners. They can access information on charging session duration, energy consumed, user patterns, and charging preferences. This data helps identify usage trends, optimize charging infrastructure, and make data-driven decisions for future expansion and improvements.


Remote Customer

Enhance user satisfaction with remote customer support through the EV charging app. Users can report issues, seek guidance, and receive prompt assistance through the app's dedicated support channels. Streamlined communication for enhanced user experience.

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