Enterprise Charger Network Solution

Unlocking the Potential of the Enterprise Charger Network for Seamless EV Charger Operations with Evnity.


Features by Evnity


OCPP 1.6

Enhancing charging efficiency through OCPP 1.6 seamless integration.


Charger Diagnostics & Management

Advanced diagnostics and management for charging stations.


Realtime Charger Monitoring

Real-time updates on charger usage, energy consumption, and more.


Flexible Tariff Configurations

Create charging rates that suit your business needs.


Multi Vendor Support

Maximize compatibility with support for multiple charging station vendors.



REST API that facilitates seamless integration, enabling efficient data and functionality exchange between diverse systems and applications.


Multi Currency Support

Expand globally with seamless multi-currency support for EV billing.


Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard empowers with analytics, enabling informed decisions based on data-driven insights.


Role Driven Authorization

Easily Manage User Roles and Permissions to Safeguard Feature Access.


Customizable Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with customizable reporting features.


Scalable Infrastructure

Build a scalable charging network that can grow as your business expands.


Charger Reservation

Maximize charger usage, boost revenue, and enhance user experience with EV charger reservations.

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