White Label EV
Charging Solutions

Customizable white-label charging solutions that enables enhanced brand visibility, cost efficiency and opportunities for your EV business.

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Tailored White Label Solutions for a Thriving Ecosystem

At Evnity, we understand the importance of white labeling and have developed cutting-edge solutions that make it easy and affordable for any organization to establish their own branded EV charging network.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of white labeling with Evnity, and take your EV charging services to new heights.

Who is it for?


Charge point operators (CPOs)


Businesses and governments


Fleet management companies


EV manufacturers


Parking lot and garage operators


Utilities and energy providers


Electric vehicle rental and sharing services

Our Complete Suite of Solutions


Charger Network


ChargePoint Locator App


ChargePoint CRM


Why White Label?

This allows you to focus on core business strategies and accelerate your growth without the need for extensive development and maintenance efforts.

With White Label Solutions, you can fast-track your entry into the EV market by leveraging pre-built platforms and ready-to-use features.


Customization and Branding

A white-labeled EV charging app allows you to customize the app's design, features, and branding to align with your company's identity. You can incorporate your logo, color scheme, and overall visual style, providing a consistent brand experience for your customers.


Enhanced Brand Visibility

By offering a white-label app, you can extend your brand's reach beyond physical charging stations. EV owners and fleet operators using your app will be exposed to your brand and messaging, increasing brand visibility and awareness among a targeted audience.


Faster Time-to-Market

Developing an EV charging app from scratch can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. By opting for a white-label solution, you can leverage existing technology and infrastructure, significantly reducing development time and allowing you to bring your app to market faster.


Cost Efficiency

Save valuable resources and eliminate the complexities of building a fully customized app from scratch. With white-label solutions, you can leverage cost-effective licensing or subscription models, freeing up your budget and time to focus on core business strategies.


Scalability and Flexibility

As the demand for EV charging infrastructure continues to grow, scalability becomes crucial. White-label apps are designed to accommodate a growing user base, making it easier to scale up your operations as needed. Additionally, you can customize features and functionality based on user feedback and market trends, ensuring your app remains competitive and adaptable.


Access to Advanced Features

White-label apps are usually developed by specialized companies with expertise in the EV charging industry. As a result, you can benefit from advanced features and functionalities already integrated into the app, such as real-time charging station information, user management, payment processing, and data analytics.


Opportunity for Partnerships

White-label apps can facilitate partnerships and collaborations within the EV charging ecosystem. By offering a customizable app, you can attract potential partners such as charging network operators, energy providers, vehicle manufacturers, and mobile network operators, creating mutually beneficial relationships.

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