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User friendly interface to search & navigate charging points with charging operations along with seamless payment integration

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Features of Evnity

Evnity's software sets the industry standard for innovation in the EV charger management sector, offering a comprehensive range of feature-packed solutions to cater to every use case.

Locator Mobile Application Features


Station Search

Locate all nearby charging stations and their availability with ease on a real-time map.


Charger Reservation

Reserve a charging station in advance to eliminate the hassle of waiting in line.


Remote Start/Stop

Initiate or stop charging through the mobile app with just one tap.


Realtime Charging Status

Stay in the loop with our live charging status updates


Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateway options for enhanced user convenience and seamless transaction experiences.


Easy Registration Process

Convenient registration process with minimal input requirements.


User Feedback and Ratings

Improve EV charging station services with feedback and ratings.


Charging History

Access the charging history and review all charging transactions in one place.


Multi-Platform Accessibility

Seamless accessibility across multiple devices and operating systems.

CRM Web Application Features


Customer Management

Analyze interactions, preferences, and behavior to build relationships and drive satisfaction.


Customer Support

Efficient customer support for charging, payments, and inquiries. Assist with ease!


Flexible Tariff Configurations

Create charging rates that suit your business needs.


Promotion & Discounts

Empower admins to apply coupon codes for charging rate discounts and special promotions.


Interactive Dashboard

The Interactive Dashboard empowers with analytics, enabling informed decisions based on data-driven insights.


Notifications & Alerts

Stay ahead with our effortless notifications and focus on what matters most!


Role Driven Authorization

Easily Manage User Roles and Permissions to Safeguard Feature Access.


Customizable Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with customizable reporting features.

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Simplify your EV charging experience. Evnity's comprehensive software solutions help take your EV business to the next level!

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