Tips To Choose The Best EV Charging Solution For Businesses

The popularity of EVs (Electric Vehicles) is growing daily, which urges the need for accessible and efficient charging solutions to become more available. It would help if you choose the right EV charging solutions customized to your business needs for a seamless charging experience. It also helps in supporting the transition to stable transportation.

If you plan to select a charging solution for your business that can support your employees driving EVs, then you need to keep the following factors in mind.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best EV Charging Solution For Business:

1. Number Of Stations You Need

As per reports, it has been claimed that by the end of 2030, there will be 200 million + EV stations. Hence, the number of EV stations your business will need should depend on certain factors. Employees look to drive shortly, the parking spots available at the workspace, and the duration of time spent by the employees at the workplace.

One of the best ways to forecast the stations needed is by talking to the experts and finding out how they would charge their EVs. Don't be conservative when setting up EV stations; instead, go a little extra with the numbers because the demand will rocket very soon.

2. Charging Speeds and Compatibility

There are different EV charger software that offer different charging speeds. The level one chargers provide slow charging, your best bet for overnight home charging. At the same time, the level 2 chargers are for quick charging times and are perfect for commercial spaces. Rapid DC chargers, generally found in public areas, can reduce the EV charging time. You must ensure that your chosen charging solution is entirely compatible with your EV's make and model to maximize the charging efficiency.

  • - Level I Power - 120V
  • - Level II Power - 204 - 240V
  • - Level ||| - 480 V

3. Location and Installation

The installation of the EV charging points and posts will depend on the space available and electrical infrastructure. Wall-mounted charging points are convenient for commercial purposes.

Try to have the stations located in multiple areas across the workplace to make it easy for the employees to locate the stations. This will be crucial in a workplace with thousands of employees.

4. Charging Point Management

Everything about charging point management is essential, especially for your business and public charging facilities. It must be if you are looking for an intelligent charging offering that offers remote monitoring, payment processing, and user authentication features.

5. Safety and Security

Safety is paramount when dealing with EV charging solution providers. You must ensure that the chosen charging points or posts meet the industry safety standards. It is essential to look for additional features such as:

  • - Alarm clocks
  • - Cameras
  • - Weather-resistant materials
  • - Built-in safety mechanisms
  • - Protection against vandalism

6. Future Scalability

There is a prediction for significant investment in future-proof EV charging solutions to accommodate potential expansion. Choose a flexible system that allows for easy scalability, allowing you to add more charging points as electric vehicles' demands increase.

7. Types of EVs Compatible with EV Charging Devices

The market of EVs has multiple manufacturers today due to growing demand, and each of them offers different charging standards and connector types. For businesses, it is crucial to prioritize compatibility with different EV model ranges, which can act as a one-stop solution for EV owners.

First, figure out the most popular EV models in the region and the associated charging solutions attached to them. Stay informed about the upcoming EV models for two and 4-wheelers to anticipate the demand and determine the charging station specifications and capacity accordingly.

To conclude

Electric vehicles will stay here, and over 50% of the drivers globally are now considering purchasing electric cars as their next vehicle. Hence, workplaces should consider finding the right EV charging solutions for businesses by considering the other factors.


Explore strategic insights for businesses selecting electric vehicle charging solutions. This blog offers invaluable tips to streamline the process, ensuring the choice of the best EV charging solution for optimal functionality.


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